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These Bylaws are promulgated by the Board of Trustees under the authority conferred by the Board of Regents of the State of New York in the Resolution incorporating the FRIENDS OF THE LONGWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY, INC. adopted on September 20, 1985 at Albany, New York.


The FRIENDS OF THE LONGWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY, INC., (hereinafter referred to as the "FRIENDS") incorporated under Section 216 of the Education Law of the State of New York, September 20, 1985, is the continuation with enlargement of its scope of the unincorporated Association formed on July 2, 1984, under the name of Friends of the Middle Island Public Library.


As stated in the Certificate of Incorporation, the aims of the FRIENDS are as follows:


“To maintain an association of persons interested in libraries; to focus public attention on the library; to stimulate the use of the library's resources and services; to receive and encourage gifts, endowments and bequests to the Library; to support and cooperate with the Library in developing Library services and facilities for the community; and to support the freedom to read as expressed in the American Library Association Bill of Rights.”


ARTICLE I - Principal Office


The principal office of the FRIENDS shall be in the facilities of the Longwood Public Library, Middle Island, New York 11953.



ARTICLE II - Membership and Dues


Section 1. Membership


Membership in the FRIENDS shall be open to all individuals who are in sympathy with its purposes and to representatives of organizations and clubs when such representation is desired.


Section 2. Types of Membership


  1. Family membership: husband, wife and children and relatives living in the same household


  1. Individual membership


Section 3. Voting Rights of Members


Only members in good standing shall be entitled to vote. Members in good standing are those who have paid the current year's dues and have not otherwise been terminated for just cause.


Section 4.  Dues


  1. Dues shall be payable annually on or before January 1st for the subsequent year.


  1. Any member whose dues are in arrears for more than three (3) months shall, after due notice, be dropped from the rolls and all rights and privileges of membership shall cease.


  1. There will be two (2) types of memberships available; Individual and Family. Increases in annual membership dues shall be proposed by the Friends Board and voted on by the membership.



ARTICLE III - Meetings of Members


Section 1. General Meetings


General meetings of the FRIENDS will be held on a Sunday in June and December, unless canceled or postponed by the membership or Officers of the Board, of which due notice will be sent to all members. The time and place of such meetings will be announced in the FRIENDS Newsletter or the monthly Library Newsletter.


Section 2. Special Meetings 


Special meetings of the members may be called from time to time by the President of the Board with due notice to all members at least ten (10) days prior to such date.


Section 3. Quorum


A quorum shall consist of five (5) members in good standing. In the absence of a quorum, no meeting will be held, but the presiding officer shall establish a date for a new meeting. Due notice of such meeting shall be sent to all members at least ten (10) days prior to such date.



ARTICLE IV - Officers


Section 1        The Officers of the FRIENDS shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer.


Section 2        Officers shall serve for a period of two (2) years and shall serve until their successors are elected and qualify.

  1. Elections of Officers shall be held every two (2) years after a Nominating Committee submits a slate of officers for the new term.


Section 3        The Officers of the FRIENDS shall serve without compensation except that they shall be entitled to reimbursement for all expenses reasonably incurred in the discharge of their duties as Officers of the FRIENDS.  The Officers of the Friends Board shall hold meetings in alternate months to conduct business.  A Library Liaison shall be present at these meetings.


Section 4. Duties of Officers


  1. a.      President

The President shall be the executive officer of the FRIENDS and shall preside at all meetings of the members of the FRIENDS. The President shall have the general powers and duties usually vested in the Office of the President of an association, including but not limited to, the power to appoint committees and the Chairperson thereof. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  He/she may assign or reassign other duties to or among the Officers.  The President shall also, in February of the election year, appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three (3) members in good standing.


  1. b.      First Vice-President

The First Vice-President shall assist the President, and in his/her absence or disability, shall have all the President's powers and duties.  In the event the First Vice-President is absent or incapacitated, his/her duties shall be assumed by the Second Vice-President, and shall be responsible for programs for FRIENDS meetings.


  1. c.       Second Vice-President

The Second Vice-President shall be responsible for any trips or excursions to be undertaken by the FRIENDS.  The Second Vice-President shall be responsible for the hiring of entertainment.  The Second Vice-President shall assume the duties of the First Vice-President in the event that he/she is absent or incapacitated.


  1. d.      Third Vice-President

The Third Vice-President shall be responsible for functions of the FRIENDS, such as book sales, etc.  The Third Vice-President shall assume the duties of the Second Vice-President in the event that he/she is absent or incapacitated.


  1. e.      Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall attend all meetings of the members of the FRIENDS and record all votes and minutes of these meetings and proceedings, including resolutions, in a minute book to be kept for that purpose and shall perform other duties as required by the President.


  1. f.        Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining and updating membership lists and for the mailing of correspondence to the membership.  The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain files of all incoming communications and copies of responses to such communications for a period of three (3) years and shall perform other duties as required by the President.  The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain a complete membership list with name, addresses and telephone numbers.


  1. g.      Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive all monies, securities and other valuable effects of the FRIENDS, deposit same in the name of the FRIENDS in such bank or banks as shall be designated by the Trustees, and pay by check all orders approved by the President. The Treasurer shall have authority to make payments of up to $50.00 at any time with appropriate documents. All checks or demands for money or notes of the FRIENDS shall be signed by such officer or officers as designated by the Trustees. All checks shall bear two (2) signatures.



ARTICLE V – Nominating Committee


Section 1. When Formed


The Nominating Committee shall be formed biennially in February to prepare a slate of officers for the new term of office.  The committee’s recommendations shall be presented at the June meetings.


Section 2. Opposition to Slate Prepared by Nominating Committee


Anyone who opposes the Nominating Committee’s choice of candidates may present a petition for alternate choices with signatures of ten members.



ARTICLE VI - Fiscal Year


The fiscal year of the FRIENDS shall begin on the first day of January and end on the 31st of December.



ARTICLE VII - Amendments of BYLAWS


Amendments to these BYLAWS may be enacted by concurrence of two-thirds of the membership present and voting at the meeting on which such vote is to be taken, provided a quorum is present.  Notice of intention to amend these BYLAWS must be given in writing to all members not less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting at which such action is to be taken.



ARTICLE VIII - Parliamentary Procedure


Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, when not in conflict with these BYLAWS, shall govern the proceedings of the FRIENDS.







Adopted by resolution of the Board of Trustees of the FRIENDS of the Middle Island Public Library, Inc. at a meeting held on October 21, 1985, at which the following Trustees were present:


Alfred Schoch

Salvatore C. Giordano

Joseph E. Astarita

Josephine C. Astarita

James J. Wrynn


Constituting all of the members of the Board of Trustees.


October 21, 1985                                            Original signed by

Josephine C. Astarita

Secretary of the Meeting




October 4, 2004


Amendments to Article II, Section 4, d.

Amendments to Article III, Section 1


Evelyn McCormack, President

Vacant, 1st Vice President

John Gaughran, 2nd Vice President

Richard Decker, 3rd Vice President

Debbie Martin, Treasurer

Carol Ann Cornett, Corresponding Secretary and Acting Recording Secretary


Constituting all of the members of the Board of Trustees.




December 13, 2015


Amendments to ARTICLE II, Section 4, a.

Amendments to ARTICLE III, Section 1, 2, 3, 4

Amendments to ARTICLE IV, Section 1, 2, 3, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h

Amendments to ARTICLE I, Section 4, b, e, f, g

Amendments to ARTICLE VII


Lee Ilg, President

JoAnn DiBrizzi, 1st Vice President

Carol Eastman, 2nd Vice President

Barbara Senter, 3rd Vice President

Debora Rippel, Treasurer

Valerie Baxter, Corresponding Secretary

Bonnie Cornett, Recording Secretary


Constituting all of the members of the Friends Board.