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Friends of the Library

About the Friends

The Friends of the Middle Island Public Library was formed on July 2, 1984 by Alfred Schoch. The name was officially changed to the Friends of the Longwood Public Library on September 20, 1985. The goals of the Friends are as follows:

"To maintain an association of persons interested in libraries; to focus public attention on the library; to stimulate the use of the library's resources and services; to receive and encourage gifts, endowments and bequests to the library; to support and cooperate with the library in developing library services and facilities for the community; and to support the freedom to read as expressed in the American Library Association Bill of Rights."

The Friends work in cooperation with the library to provide financial support for programs and special projects that enhance our library services to the community. New York State Law prohibits the library from engaging in commerce, thus limiting the institution to available Federal or State funds and voted budget propositions. There are several programs offered at the Longwood Public Library that are totally or partially supported by the Friends membership dues and fundraising activities. We endeavor to act as a liaison between the library and the community we serve.




Executive Board

Chris Hanley

1st Vice President
Mary Jean Murphy

2nd Vice President
Carol Eastman

3rd Vice President
Barbara Senter

Recording Secretary
Bonnie Cornett

JoAnn DiBrizzi

Corresponding Secretary
Valerie Baxter



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